De Zilva Martial Arts help children to become more physically fit and active, learn self-control and cooperation, tackle adversity, learn the importance of courtesy and respect, build self-confidence, set goals and learn how to achieve them. Our unique approach finds the right balance between training and fun.  We offer Tiny Tigers, Children and Youth / Adult classes.  We know our classes are right for you!  Contact us to begin your two week free trial or download our registration form here.


 Our Tiny Tigers program is a high-energy, fun-filled class that teaches the basic fundamentals and techniques of martial arts.  It is designed to improve body awareness, coordination, balance, confidence and discipline.  Each Tiny Tiger receives step-by-step training in a safe, energetic, patient and enthusiastic environment.  Our warm up drills encourage fitness, teamwork and collaboration. The fundamentals of marital arts (kicks, blocks, strikes) are taught in an exciting and fun way that appeals to children of all abilities and attention spans. 



Our Children's program is divided into three categories: Beginner (White - Orange Belt), Intermediate (Green - Purple Belt) and Advanced (Brown - Black Belt). 

Beginner classes emphasize Martial Arts concepts and traditions, focus training, stretching and conditioning, basic blocks, strikes and kicks (hands and feet), fighting techniques and traditional forms, and basic patterns.  Our classes offer a unique curriculum focused on improving self-respect, awareness and character development.  Belt stripes are achieved through active listening, participation, development of physical skill, leadership and completing pattern sequences. 

Intermediate and Advanced classes build on the teachings found in our beginner classes.  These students are self-motivated and dedicated to surpassing Black Belt excellence. They understand that earning a Black Belt is only the beginning.  Our classes place a greater emphasis on respect for self and others and follow the tenets of Martial Arts (courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and modesty).  Intermediate and Advanced classes help students become more socially aware, develop positive relationships, improve confidence and become leaders.  The foundation of the curriculum is self-defence skills coupled with self improvement and life skills.  



 Our youth and adult classes are based solely on the traditions of Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate Do.  Our classes combine techniques that reinforce self-defence, flexibility, and strength.  We welcome adults of any age, gender, fitness level and ability.  We provide individualized fitness plans, tailored to meet your needs and abilities.